Firefox plugins I use

Plugin description
Adblock Plus  Blocks ads
CacheToggle Status bar toggle button for the browser cache
Cert Viewer Plus Certificate viewer enhancements
CipherFox Display current SSL/TLS ciphers and certificate chain
Cookies Manager+ View, edit, create cookies
Cryptocat encrypted, private conversations
CryptoFox encryption/decryption tool
DNS Cache Allows you to de/activate DNS Cache
DownloadThemAll mass downloader
Flagfox Display a flag depicting the location of the current server
Flash and Video Download Download flash videos from page
Form History Control Manage form history
FoxyProxy proxy quick switcher
FxIF view exif data on images
Ghostery Block trackers
Groundspeed Manipulate the app user interface to eliminate client-side limitations
Hackbar Multi-tool to assist with url manipulation
Header Spy show http headers on status bar
HttpFox http analyzer
HTTPS-Everywhere automatically use https on many sites
Image Zoom zoom for images
It’s All Text Edit forms using an editor
JavaScript Debugger debugger and profiler
JavaScript Deobfuscator self explanitory
Keylogger Beater Onscreen keyboard to bypass keyloggers
JSView View the source code of external stylesheets and javascripts
Link Sidebar View, search and test hyperlinks in a web page
Live HTTP Headers View http headers of a page while browsing
Mailvelope Secure email with OpenPGP encryption for webmail
Modify Headers add, modify and filter http request headers
NoScript Disable javascript with whitelisting capabilities
Privacy Badger Protects privacy by blocking spying ads and invisible trackers
Privacy Settings Alter Firefox’s built-in privacy settings with a toolbar panel
Poster developer tool for interacting with URLs
QR Secret Decoder Ring Right click a QR image to decode
RefControl Control what gets sent as the http referer
Saved Password Editor
SQL Inject Me test for SQL injection
SQLite Manager Manage any SQLite database on your computer
Table2Clipboard allow copy to clipboard of solected rows/columns from an html table
Tamper Data view and modify headers
Thumbnail Zoom Plus Shows full image when you hover over a thumbnail
UAControl Change user-agent
uBlock Origin Like AdBlock Plus
Update Scanner monitors webpages for updates
URL Flipper quickly increment and decrement numbers and strings in URLs
URL Tooltip Displays URL in hyperlink tooltips
User Agent Switcher self explanitory
View Dependencies Adds a tab listing dependencies and their sizes in the page info window
View Source Chart Source Chart DOM inspector
Wappalyzer Uncovers the technologies used on websites
Web Developer adds a menu and toolbar with various web developer tools
XSS Me test for XSS vulns
FireBug Web developer tool
FireCookie cookie manager for firebug